Iranian identity and expression in poetry of KhalidaForough (Afghan poet) ,FarzanaKhujandi.( Tajik poet)

Tahereh Seyyedrezayi, Ali Asghar Bovan Shahryari, Narges Mohammadi Badr, Behnaz Payamani


This article have been studied poet of khaledaforough,Afghan  poem, and  Farzanakhujandi, Tajik poet, based on the elements of Iranian culture.Although two poets have written many poems about social and political situation of their country, but beyond the borders looked at  their historic homeland ,Iran, and Persian language and common historical past of are most important elements of their cultural identity.Manifestations of Persian culture can be seen  as  reverence  Persian language  and concern for its fate against various attacks, citing their shared past, bow mythology and iranian characters special poets, mystics and champion.





KhalidaForough , FarzanaKhujand , identity, Iran, Afghanistan , Tajikistan Bottom of Form

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