Shahrokh Rajati, Ahmad Baghi


The major challenge that the organizations are faced with it in the twenty-first century is how to use people's full potential abilities. Increasing the complexity ofthe organizations and immoral, unjust and irresponsible operations in the workplaces haveattracted the managers' attention to the issuesrelated to the suitable behavior in the workplace that is the most urgent need of the organizations. In such condition, the organizations must identify the importance of employees' emotional intelligence so that they can work with full power and greater productivity. This requires a sound business practices and personal development of the employees.

The aim of this study isinvestigating the effect of emotional intelligence on personal development and employees' turnover intentionsin a state-owned company. This is a descriptive and study done by survey method. The population consisted of 1270 people and random sampling is used to determine the sample and the sample size isconsisted of 270 people. The data collection method is field and the measuring tool is questionnaire. The validityhas been approval at an acceptable level with the content, structure and formal method and the reliability through Cronbach's alpha (0.936). A standard questionnaire is used to collect data. The acceptability of theoretical model has been studied throughLISREL software programinorder to analyze the data and then the data has been analyzed through path coefficient and t-test. The results show that the model is acceptable for the population and theemotional intelligence has an effect on personal development and employees' turnover intentions. Among the four dimensions of emotional intelligence, only use the emotional intelligenceand self-regulation has a significant effect on personal development and employees' turnover intentions, and evaluating own emotions and the emotions of others does not impact on personal development and employees' turnover intentions, and also thepersonal development has an impact on employees' turnover intentions.


Emotional Intelligence, Turnover intentions,PersonalDevelopment

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