Positive Psychological Capital and Job Performance The role of working attitude intermediation in the Ministry of Energy

Shiva Habibi, Abdolhamid Jalalian


This study was carried out aimed to investigate the relationship between positive psychological capital and job performance, the role of working attitude intermediation in the staff of the Ministry of Energy (ministerial level) in the winter of 2015. The research method was field and correlational. The study in terms of the nature is an applied study and in terms of method is a survey study. The study population included all employees of the Ministry of Energy in 2015, and the sample consisted of 97 employees who are selected by simple random sampling.For data collection, the 4 questionnaires in the fields of social, economic, financial performance and innovations have been used, and SPSS19has been used to analyze the data.Construct validity was evaluated using confirmatory factor analysis, and Cronbach's alpha coefficient greater than 0.7 for various structures of questionnaire, confirmed its reliability, and the results showed that, firstly, there is a significant relationship between the economic aspectsand job performance, secondly, there is a significant relationship between innovationsand business performance, thirdly, there is no significant relationship between the social aspects andfob performance, innovations and economic aspects


positive psychological capital, economic and social aspects, inventions

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