Responsibility of Human Environmental Pollutions in the Hostility among Nations

Seyed Adel Heidari, Hesam Abbasi


In addition to the direct impacts it has on the human environment, war also has indirect impacts which are never disclosed during wartime. This brings about irreparable harms to the human environment which has been recognized in the International Law as an absolute offence. The issues in this field are influenced by policy makings concerning the remarkable environmental events of pollution. Participation of non-government voluntary organizations, education of military forces concerning the human environment in peace time, proper management of preserved areas and non-interference of these areas with military fields activities, management of military waste, investigation and assessment after war, the affected areas, dedication to the International Laws, the possibility of lawsuit and receiving compensation in the International Courts, philanthropic environmental help to neighbors engaged in war and interaction between EPA[1] and military forces are some important ways of coping with environmental crises resulted from war.

[1] Environmental Protection Agency


international responsibility, human environment, war, International Law, Compensation

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