Effects of proximity to local park services on citizens' walking, Case study: Goldasht Maaliabad in Shiraz

Ali Soltani, Sara Fazeli, Hassan Izady


Urban services in appropriate distance to citizens' dwellings have effect on the amount of their physical activity. This paper, investigates the use of local park services and the effect of proximity to local park on citizens' walking. A sample of 270 households selected for this purpose. The amount of local park use, perceived distance to local park and the amount of citizens' walking to local parks recognized from questioners. 68.9 percent used local park services and 63.3 percent of citizens' who used services, walked to local parks. Real distance to nearest local park, calculated by using Network Analysis extension in Arc Gis 10.2. Effects of distance to local park services on walking, recognized using regression analysis. Perceived distance to local park had a relationship to walking to this services (R2=0.432). Qualified local park services cause increase in households' walking.   


Proximity, Local parks, Walking

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