The Viewpoint of the outosegmental phonology Theory and Phonological Consonant Neutralization Process In Persian Language

Jamal Hosseini, Mohammad Reza Ahmadkhani, Fereshteh Sahami


the theory of Self-unit phonology was first proposed by Goldsmith as an independent field of generative phonology; this theory was proposed in tone languages and then was generalized to intonation languages. Phonological analysis in this research is non-linear which a common method in self-unit theory is. This research shows that neutralization happens in one or several feature(s) of a phoneme and are now popular common features. The display of neutralization process and data analysis is in the form of tree diagram or geometry of features. Spreading of feature [+ voiced] in Persian language can affect other layers and change them. 


Neutralization, Generative Phonology, outosegmental phonology, Geometry of Features

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