A comprehensive model of Characteristics of the new age organizations (study on tourism organizations)

Manoochehr Jahanian, Farzaneh Khooshebast, Elham Vahedi


Organizations must constantly adapt to the changes that occur surrounding them.

Current organizations should take steps on the path of innovation and change and it's not just for success and grow, but it is because in the new world of competitive, survive depends on having such a procedure.In an era of constant changes only the learners will inherit the future and the rest are equipped for life in a world that no longer exists. In fact, life is a continuous effort to learn what we do not know through what we do. To make the change, organizations must forget his previous memories, opens its doors to the new output and learn new behaviors.

In this study, after the introduction of the new age and characteristics of organizations in the new era based on the literature, Using a panel of experts in tourism and recreational holding of Bonyad,  to explore and approval features of organizations, including tourism organizations. Finally, by combining commonalities, we present an integrated model that represents characteristics of the modern era organization.


the modern era, organizational changes, tourist organization, modeling

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