A Consequence Identification Analysis of PsychologicalContamination in YekibudYekinabudBased on Eric Berne’s Views

admin Ebrahim Estaji, Mahyar Alavimoqadam, Ali Sadeghi Manesh, Hasti Ghaderi Sohi


Stories and especially stories that have a realistic approach, owing to the expression of social realities within themselves, have an extraordinary capacity for psychological and sociological studies.Jamalzadeh’sYekibudYekinabudis extremely important from the point of view.Contamination, which is one of Eric Berne’s psychological term, is a personality disorder in which mature ego interferes with a parent or child or both of them. In this situation, individuals show illogical arguments full of prejudice and illusion. The arguments that in the case of having high frequency in society could lead to the collapse of social cohesion,acceptance of tyranny by people and maintenance of power in the hands of a particular class. A consequence identification analysis of psychological contaminationin a contemporary work of fiction creates the opportunity to regard story as a useful tool for understanding social problems and as a basis for a psychological study of the roots of these social problems.


Eric Berne, PsychologicalContamination, Social Cohesion, YekibudYekinabud, Mohammad Ali Jamalzadeh

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