How reformed is the United Nations

Abdolhossein barzegarzadeh, Atefeh Amininia


 At the first look it seems that the correction of the prism of the United Nation is not possible with the existence of terms of Articles 108 and 109 about some worldwide issues specially those which are against the benefits of the countries with veto rights. But forced or unintentionally interaction of the governments caused by the basic changes of the world and its transitions and today complex relationships and impressive scientific advancement sin different fields and actions like establishing  international organizations and accepting immunity and benefits for international organizations employees  and admission to their independent corporate personality and more important than all founding united nation organizations and the existing procedural in UNO itself like the Union resolution for peace and establishing interim Committee and others like them, and attempts of some countries, especially developing countries for the obligation of obeying resolutions of General Assembly and apparatus use of some countries from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, establishing  people-based organizations, beside happenings  such as establishing International Criminal Court and all the others show that the above assumption is not correct.  

Although the Charter Reform sovereignty-based by the consent and will of the state’s interests to UN, is somehow difficult, but referred to the above reasons, it is not impossible and the present and future lawyers should drawing inspiration from past experience and looking forward to the future.



United Nations, Veto Right, Charter Reform, General Assembly, Human Rights, Union Peace

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