Investigating anecdotes of Sa'di's Golestan in terms of emulating the verses of the Holy Quran

Fatemeh Mina


 Iran is a territory with a genuine culture and civilization. One of the reasons for the value of this culture and civilization has been the presence of valuable scholars in science, culture, and literature. Sa’di Shirazi is one of the scholars, whose works are well known in the world and have played an important role in enriching Iranian culture. Like other great Persian literary scholars, he is a great honor of the Persian language and Iran and has inspired many writers and poets.

Among the factors affecting the prosperity of the works of this great poet and writer is his attention to Quranic verses and the sayings of Imams and other religious figures. In this article, the author points to the influence of Islamic and Quranic culture on Sa’di’s works and takes a descriptive and analytical approach to investigate the relationship between some of his poems and writings on the one hand and the Quran verses on the other. The reason for this approach is that inattention to the effects of Quranic verses on Sa’di’s works can prevent us from achieving the desired results in such an investigation.


Sa’di's works, Islamic culture, Iranian culture, Quranic verses, emulation

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