Monotheism in the Nature of Prayer in the Abrahamic Religions

Qasem Kakaei, Mahdi Mo’meni


Prayer is one of the most fundamental and most important characteristic of religions, especially the monotheistic religions that contain a large part of the literature of all faiths. The nature of prayer in prayer in monotheistic religions has two major directions: God-man. God is located in the main direction of this nature as the faith in Him forms the prayer. It is belief in His oneness (tawhid) and belief in the fact that He is the only listener to every prayer. The belief in God’s tawhid in pious prayer will mean when man knows that the the beginning of every prayer is the spirit of monotheism. In other words, it is the establishment of a unique God, His servitude, and denying servitude of other than God or numerous gods. As a common point in monotheistic religions, this principle has formed a very close literature in available liturgical texts. A study on available liturgical texts can lead us to uncover the position of tawhid in the nature of pious prayers.


tawhid, Abrahamic religions, nature of prayer, prayer management.

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