The status of Love in Manouchehr Atashi and Ali Babachahy's lyrics

Faranak Siyanat, Nasrin Mozaffari


One of the most frequent topics in the contemporary poets' collections is about Love and whatever belongs to it which requires a pervasive research. Manouchehr Atashi and Ali Babachahy are the predominant poets who have great influences on the Persian poetry. In the mentioned area, they versified many poems with a new approach both in terms of quantity and quality. By reviewing these two poets' works, this survey suggests that achieving a general view of their lyrical subjectivities needs a vast study of their works. They did not summarize their loves in one person but they dedicated it to the whole universe. Unlike the classic poets, and many contemporaries, they did not consider the love issue just from a true ideal lover's perspective. Their special and inclusive romantic and humanistic view overcame the whole of the universe. This research aims to descriptively analyze the concept of love in these two southern poets' works. This survey also tries to identify the similarities and differences that existed in their attitudes. Atashi's love is full of pain and separation, a factor that is faded in Babachahy's poetry.  


poetry, theme, Manouchehr Atashi, Ali Babachahy, south, love"

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