Phonological Rules in Torbatian Dialect

Abolghasem Mehrabi


This research is a fieldwork and has been done as follows. Torbatian dialect is a current language variation and its corpus has been collected by tape-recording and after transcribing,the materials have been analyzed on the basis of phonology.In collecting the data of the study, the direct method has been applied and the fieldworker,as the native speaker of dialect, has gone to informants and sometimes to local poets, and in a natural situation has recorded his desired sample of his dialect. In the relationship of dialectology to linguistic theory, generative dialectology for phonological processes has been applied.Themain difference from phonetic and phonological point of view is phonological in nature though minor phonetic differences also exist. The historical change of the final /a/ has not taken place in Torbatian dialect yet. The phonological differences between the two dialects are captured by at least some of the phonological rules which 23 of them presented in this paper.  


dialect, dialectology, phonological rules, phonetic, generative

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