An Investigation about the effect of the Khaghani`s poetry on the Sonnets of Hafiz

Hakimeh Ghasemian


Dignity of Hafiz in Persian sonnet and long contents and artistic stances is not covert to anyone.

The limpidity of his sonnets flow from university`s classroom to New year (Nowrouz) table setting and The Eve of Yalda(Shab-e Yalda) and familial gathering to privacy of each individual.

Not only should we know the fame of a person like Hafiz, Sa`di, Attar, and Rumi for their tender emotions and deep thoughts and authority on intricacies of the language that made them such popular, but we should take a look also at the history of these grandees and the historical literary of Iran and we should pay attention to the founders of this glorious court kindly and say “well down!".

Undoubtedly one of the main foundations of this nobility and artistry in Persian literature is “Afzal-ed din Ibrahim, bedil ibn Ali Najjar" Khaghani Shervani Haghayeghi.

In this article, due to the deep impact of Khaghani on Hafiz and certainly getting roguish influence by Hafiz from Khaghani, the poetry of both Hafiz and Khaghani with emphasis on sonnet has been investigated and effect and influence , fame and obscurity causes has been analyzed.    


Khaghani, obscurity, sonnet, Hafiz, fame

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