Aesthetics Examination of didactic prose works in Gnostic literature

Alireza Saghir


Gnostic literature has a wide extent of works or in the other word; it is a literary heritage that Gnostic poets or theosophists who are poets create under the effects of Sufism disposition. These works can be categorized based on components such as stricter and style, language and method of diction, content, meaning and the amount of interference of poetic elements. So, we can criticize the didactic literature and also examine them aesthetically. This literal species has the ability of examination based on content or language and the level of aesthetic elements; although there are many studies about the content of these works but there are a few studies that examine them aesthetically and linguistically. In this study, we try to examine the application of language in didactic and Gnostic works based on four works such as resale Ghosheiriye, kashfolmahjob, Noor Alaelum and kimiyaye Saadat.


didactic prose, linguistic examination, Gnostic works

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