Analyzing the Words of Hallaj An Investigation and Analysis on the Book “Explaining Shathiat” by Sheikh Rouzbahan Baghli

Leila Rastgar Nik, Maryam Rasti


The word shath has a Syriac origin and means being developed in a literal sense, it also means being moved in the Arabic language. However, in mysticism the word shath refers to those seemingly blasphemous words which one might utter in times of drunkenness or thoughtlessness, that have artistic values as well. The paradoxical language, use of imagination, romanticism and the rhythm of words in them are the reason that shathiat are also known as “Prose like poems”. Therefore, the cryptic nature of those words would be inevitable, and the chief characteristic of cryptic language is that it is open to interpretation. This has made some enthusiasts of this language like Sheikh Rouzbahan Baghli to make an attempt in its interpretation .In his book “Explaining Shathiat” he has tried to decipher and interpret shathiat and some strange and unconventional acts and attitudes of forty mystics, particularly one named Hallaj. 


Rouzbahan Baghli, Hallaj, shathiat, people of drunkenness, interpretation

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