From Galaxy to Einstein and Abu Sa'id Abu al-Khair

Robab Zabihi Neishaburi


The contemporary physics leads us to a kind of worldview that its starting point is mysticism. Besides his modesty, Einstein propose theory of general relativity and space-time curvature in science temple that today after 100 years in 1394 is proved. This important news excites astrophysicists so much that made Abu Sa'id Abu al-Khair sing and dance. Maybe the thing that Einstein knew 100 years ago, Abu Sa’id has known it 900 years ago and we found it out now. For understanding 4-dimension world and space-time and hearing sound of birth or crashing of stars and black holes and recording it, a device is required called LIGO and seeing the image of uniqueness of wave, particle and space-time curvature is not possible for those who have 3-dimentional view but it seems that true mystics such as Abu Sa’id, Attar, Rumi and etc released 3-dimentional world with their meditative states and reached higher dimensions that fundamental truths  have come in their perception and their spiritual ears heard universal music and they sang happily and danced mystically.Since young generation is thirty for linking modern science with mysticism and steps in this way; the writer of this article tries to examine and use data based on written references of research domain and a little understanding, we focus on life and theory of Einstein first and then Abu Sa’id briefly. Then we discuss about common aspects among contemporary physicists and mystics specially Abu Sa’id. Finally we conclude that mysticism does not require modern science and scientist does not require mysticism but it is clear that this is us that require both of them and with convergence of mysticism modern physics can be led to humanity gate.


Mysticism, physics, Abu Sa’id, Einstein

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