An Analysis of the Occurrence School of Poetry in the Poems of WahshiBafqi

Sayyed Mojtaba Hosseini, Bahram Saki


The occurrence school of poetry emerged in the Persian poems at the first quarter of the tenth century (HijriQamari) and became prevalent by the second half of the same century. This new school is something between the poems of Teimouri era and Indian style of poetry and its aim is to express the feelings of people in love. To whomever we give the credit of starting this school, still the high place of MowlanaWahshi in this genre is undeniable. Despite, previous attempts to use this school in Persian poems but Wahshi’s creativity in this genre is truly worthy of investigation. This paper tends to analyze some interesting examples of realism in the poems of WahshiBafqi. 


WahshiBafqi, School of Occurrence, Poem (Ghazal)  

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