Investigating the Role of Face Consciousnessin the Relationship between the Material Value and Brand ConsciousnessIn Buying Decision Process

Majid Safdari, Hamid Tajik, Vahide Hajihassani


Although the relationship between materialism and consumption of well-known brands has been studied well in the literature on consumer behavior (Darian, 1998: Kamineni, 2005; Prendergast & Wong, 2003), however there are some puzzling phenomena in this field. It's hard to explain why people consume products with a brand without actual knowledge. In this case, people may find that products not because of taking possession of it but because of social needs such as the desire to be respected and having social relationships with others that is defined as the face (Ting - Toomey &Kurogi, 1998), The aim of this study was to investigate the role of self-awareness in relation between the material value and self-consciousness of the brand.400 questionnaires were distributed over a period of 6 days at the Faculties of Tehran University management and Tehran Azad, Science and Research Universities.Role of face was tested as mediator and moderator. The results showed that the value of the material, self awareness of face and self-awareness of the brand have significant relationships with each others.The regression hierarchical results revealed that the face and value of the material have no significant interaction with each other.And the role of face moderator has not been supported by the data, and face had the partial mediating role in the relationship between the value of the material and brand self-awareness,the findings of this study opens new horizons for better understanding the impact of material value and face consciousness on brand consciousness.


Material Value, Brand Consciousness, Face Consciousness, Mediator Variable, Moderator Variable

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