Studying the status and effect of Tarasol (letter writing) in Persian literature

Zahra Iranmanesh


The present research aims to study the status and effect of letter writing in Persian literature, the importance of letters from past to present, efforts of Iranian ancestors for becoming perfect in art of letter writing and historical trend of letter writing in Persian language. The research method is descriptive-analytic and information was gathered from the library. Results show that the signs of writing in Iran dated back to 600 years BC during Achaemenid dynasty but formulation of Persian letter writing was started in Ghaznavid period and it became perfect in Seljukian age and it became more stable in Safavid period by going beyond national borders in India and Asia Minor. In Qajar dynasty, it was seen several times in commands, treaties, and correspondences. Letter writing in Iran was very prevalent before Islam and according to old researchers and historians; this type of writing was very famous due to its special condition and technical codes such that it was simulated in Islamic period via translation and played special role in development of Arab correspondence.


status of letter writing, effect of letter writing, Persian literature

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