Learning and Retaining New Vocabularies: The Case of Monolingual and Bilingual Dictionaries

Mohsen Mobaraki, Amin Saed


The present research aims at measuring the effects of using bilingual and monolingual dictionaries as well as pictures regarding the retention and recalling new vocabulary items. To this end, eighty intermediate Iranian students studying English as a Foreign Language (EFL) were selected as the participants of the study. To determine the homogeneity of the participants Preliminary Placement Tests (PET) was administered and sixty students were selected and divided into three groups each using a different kind of the above-mentioned techniques. For that purpose, the students were given 14 passages of intermediate select-readings book in 14 sessions. Each group was supposed to read the passage and look up the meaning of the underlined words through using one technique.The results indicate that the group that used pictures had a better performance on recalling and retaining the underlined words. The research concluded that using pictures as a tool for learning vocabulary items plays a more significant role.



Bilingual dictionary, monolingual dictionary, picture dictionary, vocabulary retention, vocabulary recall.

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