Effectiveness of Positive Psychological Education on Psychological Well-being of Non-parenting and Bad-parenting Girls

Mohammad Yamini, Tayebeh Afkanpour


Attention to girls psychological health and well-being in adolescence reduces their psychological disorders in higher ages. The objective of the present research is investigating positive psychological education on psychological well-being in bad-parenting and non-parenting girls, the present research is applied, and its design is pretest-post-test with control group. Sample includes 30 non-parenting and bad-parenting girls of Mashhad well-being administration which were selected as volunteer and responded to positive psychological education in two pretest-post-test steps to Ryff psychological well-being scale. Positive psychological education was executed in 8 ninety-minute sessions. According to obtained results from covariance, there was significant difference between averages of psychological well-being post-test and control test (P<0.001; F=120.52)

Positive psychological education increases psychological well-being in non-parenting and bad-parenting girls. Therefore, it had better educational services and promoting programs be based on positive psychology with proper methods such as education based on solution or participation of active people in discussion or formulated planning procces


bad-parenting or non-parenting girls, psychological well-being, positive psychology

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