Investigation of love and affection (In verses of Quran, Nahjolbalagheh, Narrations of Innocent Imams (PEACE BE UPON THEM) and poetry of poets)

Hassan Islamian Koopaee, Seyyed Mohammad Baqer Hosseini, Fariborz Hossein janzadeh


It is inferred by investigation and research on love and affection in pre-Islamic texts (time of ignorance), Quran, and Hadiths of Innocent Imams, works of Ibn Farez, Islamic Sufism and mysticism that love is temporary and unstable and the intellect does not control it. However affection has stability and in addition to continuity, it is also surrounded by intellect.Most books pretend that love is a stage of extreme affection, but it seems they have little information about the Sciences and Arts of Arab literature.It can be said according to the couplets of Taeiyeh Kobra ibn Farez Mesri that this great mystic was more tenderness-oriented. Ibn Farez speaks about tenderness and love in this book and offers the beginning of his ode with (Saqtani Hampa Al-Hob) Raheh Maqlasi. He speaks about love and the difficulties of way of love in this Taeiyeh, and relates of ardent love and complains of the competitors of way of love, He relates also of the manners of love and lover and beloved, and intones about the sign of love with tenderness.Tenderness and cognition are two wings to achieve mysticism. They are compact and replete effect that relates of monotheism pure facts and inform about the mystical stages and kingdoms. Cognition and tenderness are two wings that man needs to achieve perfection in the affection of God. Some people have more tenderness that are tenderness-oriented, and some have more cognition that are cognition-oriented.


affection, love, tenderness, cognition, intellect, heart, mysticism, verve, heart

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