Investigating the solutions as to enhance service to the applicants of bank facilities using Expert system decision-making model (case study: Bank MELI Iran)

Ali Jalalimajidi, Mohsen Jalalimajidi


markets is the existence of an advanced and updated bank system, otherwise the country will suffer from isolation in the world stage, not having proper systems and losing commercial opportunities. The technological advances have altered the world. There is been a significant investment during the last two decades in the banking industry. In response to the new laws, growth of global networks and increase of income level, the banking industry employs new technologies as the electronic banking aiming at reaching and maintaining strategic benefits. The electronic banking gives the banks the opportunity to simultaneously respond to various requirements of the customers in different places.

The incredible development of information and telecommunication technology has quickly altered the world and accordingly, the banking world. This study aims at investigating solutions to enhance service to the applicants of bank facilities using Expert Model, one of the prominent decision-making models. Presenting this model has been verified in Melli Bank of Iran. The research finding has been extracted, implemented and finally it has been suggested to be used by the other organizations. The results could assist the managers in identifying the effective factors so the electronic banking be accepted and employed, and provide a way for further research.


Bank new services, bank facilities, customer satisfaction, decision-making models, expert system

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