Tracing Postmodernism in Language and Literature Pedagogy

Shuv Raj Rana Bhat


Partly drawing on the postmodern theories formulated by Jean-Francois Lyotard, Fredric Jameson and Roland Barthes and partly treading on language theories developed by methodologists, curriculum specialists such as Patrick Slattery and Larsen-Freeman, I contend that postmodern language and literature pedagogy is characterized by the death of teacher, incredulity towards methodologies and blurring the binary opposition between teachers and students. Postmodern pedagogy deconstructs the notion of the teacher as the centre of epistemology, the authority and the controller. Student based learning becomes the focus of the classroom that dislocates the role and place of teacher from the centre of classroom to margin. The postmodern teacher provokes conversation and poses questions to the class. However, students eventually solve the problem as a group, blurring the hierarchical relation between instructors and learners.


Pedagogy, postmodern, methodology, eclecticism, pastiche, meta-narratives.

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