Analysis the Status of Social Communications and Critical thoughts in the Iran High School Textbooks with Emphasize on Motahari’s Thoughts

Seyyed Mohammad Ali Mirjalili


In recent years, Iranian high school system have experienced many changes and it has divided to two main subgroup of first and secondary high school (three years) levels. Meanwhile, social changes as an important element are including visible changes during the time that are not temporary or instable and effect on the structure of social organizations and the flow of orgs history will be involving. In order to, the aim of this paper is analysis the status of social communications and critical thoughts in the Iran high school Textbooks with emphasize on Motahari’s thoughts. Applied methodology is based on librarian and documentary approach and these proofs are like data's for this research. According to this research goal, for sampling was used of purposeful and theoretical sampling. 


Social Communications, Critical thoughts, Motahari’s Thoughts, Text Books.

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