Investigating the Relationship between Employees’ Creativity, Organizational Commitment, and Customer Focused in Branches of Iran Melli Bank

Javad Rahdarpour, Hamid Taboli


According to this fact that organization is a social system, the continuous of its existence depends on the strong relationship between the components of it. The presence of human resources with commitment to the organization will lead to the remarkable increase in the organization performance and obtaining to the noble objectives of the organization. In addition, the process of establishment and maintenance of relationship with customers is very important. On the other hand, in order to maintain their competitive potential, organizations need creative employees for products, process, and ways by creating appropriate and up to date idea.  It also purposed that the creativity levels of employees probably effect on the customer consent. Therefore, in the present study, the impressive role of organizational commitment, customer focused and creativity were investigated. Based on the data of the questionnaire which were collected from 200 employees of Iran Melli bank, the conceptual model was investigated. The reliability of the model was also estimated. For this procedure, the analysis of the model of this study was designed based on the questionnaire’s data through path diagram, by implementing perils diagram, the Lazerl model was computed. In order to test the hypothesis of the study the B coefficient and t test were implemented. The results of the study indicated that there was no statistically significant difference between the customers focused and employees’ creativity. Although, between other variables there was not such relationship


organizational commitment, customer focused, creativity

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