Evaluating Spiritual Quotient of Personnel Using Rough Set Theory (Case Study: National Company of Torbate Haydarieh Oil Products Distribution)

Mehdi Zirak


Spiritual Quotient is adaptive and practical performance of spirituality in special occasions and everyday life. It seems that spiritual quotient goes beyond physical and cognitive relationships of person with environment and enters into the intuitive and transcendent scope of the person vision in their life. The main objective of the present study is to examine the employee spiritual quotient using the theory of Rough set. The statistical population included Torbate Haydarieh all employees of National Oil Products Distribution Company, 210 subjects, who were included in the census. The research tool was novel spiritual quotient questionnaire (2010). In this research, Rough Sets Theory (RST) was used in order to reduce the data and conclusion, that Decision table was formed after determining the maximum and minimum scores of respondents, then Decision table was standardized and consistent and inconsistent items were identified and then resolution matrix was formed. Results showed that if the ability to cope and deal with the problems are at low level, certainly spiritual quotient will be at low level in organization and when general thinking variable and belief dimension are at moderate level, then spiritual quotient will be at the intermediate level and if addressing ethics is at a high level in organization, certainly spiritual quotient of personnel will be at high level.


Spiritual quotient, spirituality, Rough Sets, National Oil Products Distribution Company.

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