On The Role of Different Models of Dynamic Assessment on Promoting Speaking

Hooshang Khoshsima, Sajjad Farokhipours


In order to assess the viability of enjoying improvements in the world of language testing and the proposed approaches of alternative assessment in EFL contexts, the current research was an attempt to shed light on the role of interactionist and interventionist models of dynamic assessment (DA) on promoting speaking of Iranian language learners. Therefore, five students enrolling in intermediate language learning courses in Chabahar maritime university were selected randomly. Using an adopted typology for interactionist DA and an adopted regulatory scale for interventionist DA, the researcher found that interactionist DA help learners to gain mastery over speaking problems and perform better through negotiated interaction with the teacher. Besides, the results of t-test showed that students gained better scores on post-test following an interventionist mediatory session. On top of that, for learners and teachers to benefit from these findings, the most frequent interactionist strategies used by the researcher were transcribed and presented in a diagram. These findings have implication for language teachers, curriculum designers and test-developers.


Dynamic Assessment, Interactionist, Interventionist, Mediation.

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