Investigating the Women's Role in Controlling and Reducing Social Pathology

Roya Aghazadeh


This article examines the role of women in society in order to decline and control social damagesthat were selected and were classified with the review and referring to journalsof the articles with the most relevant and research that were somewhat related to the topic of our research and of each summary was prepared and then important subjects were selected and compared with each other.According to the study were considered two questions: This means that women what role play in reducing and controlling social damage? Whether this role has changed gradually with the progress of modernity and the changes that occurred? In the results achieved by the importance that women play in all aspects of life, both as a woman and as a mother can bring thehealthy and peaceful society in terms of educational, if properly play their role. Because despite the changes that occurred with the arrival of modernity in the role of women, is still one of the factor family bonds (women) and the role it plays in society.



Women, Social pathologies, Family

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