The Effect of Cognitive Group Therapy on Metacognitive Beliefs Prisoners

Mohsen Fekrishiran


The purpose of this study to be examine the effect of cognitive group therapy on metacognitive beliefs prisoners. The experimental methodology of research is pre-test and post-test with control group. The statistic population of research consist of all prisoners in Ardabil. 40  persons were selected with sampling method. Then the experimental group for 12 sessions (90 minutes) was conducted using cognitive therapy. The persons answered the same questionnaire including MCQ. Data analysis included multivariate regression, ANOVA analyses and SPSS software (package of Spss / pc + + ver18).

The results of this study showed the average scores of meta-cognitive components in the experimental group compared to the control group significantly decreased.According the results, there are significant differences in terms of dependent variables in studied groups.



Cognitive group therapy, Metacognitive beliefs, Prisoner, Ardabil

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