Abdolreza Farhadian


Children and adolescents are the spiritual assets of the community and the physical and mental health of them ensures the health of the community in the future. Therefore, the issues related to them, are among the matters that a special attention should be paid to them. Evaluating the root cause of problems of children, including child delinquency, is a necessary condition for achieving an ideal society. Undoubtedly, human societies, in any circumstances, are in need of a peaceful coexistence with their fellows. What is certain is that, up to now, due to the various fundamental and radical differences in issues such as ideological, cultural and religious matters and at the same time, the differences in evaluation measures of values in various fields, a general and universal agreement and understanding has not been established in this regard. Furthermore, all human beings of every nation and tribe, race, religion, faith and belief agree that one of the central individual and social actions is the proper education and guidance of children for the future, an action, which is considered as the necessary and inevitable condition, for promotion and development of human society. One of the issues which are usually raised by scholars, especially lawyers and criminologists, is the children delinquency and the way to deal with it and the methods of deviance and mutiny of children in society. Since the reasons and the causes of crime among the children are different from that of adults and on the other hand, because this class of society has more sensitive psychological and social status and more vulnerable than others, therefore, a method should be adopted which is in accordance with the terms and conditions of these individuals. This method, known as the penal policy of offender children and adolescents is of great importance. Having a criminal and penal policy in accordance with the terms and conditions of minors and adolescents, can be very helpful for civil society to advance one of its goals, which is the prevention of crime in the future.In the present study, the factors affecting delinquency were dividedaccording to four social, economic, cultural and geographical dimensions and in each dimension, the main factors are discussed. In the end, solutions for dealing with delinquency have been presented.


Delinquency, Children Delinquency, Factors Affecting the Delinquency of Children, Social Factors, Economic Factors, Cultural Factors, Geographical Factors

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