A Review on the Effect of Organizational Structure on Organizational Forgetting (Case Study: Kish Airlines)

Kamran Farahi Rad


Regarding to the mass information that is transacted inter and between organizations, it is essential to develop an adequate structure for organizational learning. It has to be mentioned that organizational learning is one face of the learning coin and the other face is organizational forgetting. Organizations have to decrease the learning loads to make an enough space for learning new things. This process is called organizational forgetting and is happened in two ways: one is intended forgetting and the other one is un-intended forgetting. Regarding to the importance of the subject, in this research the effects of organizational structure on organizational forgetting is been studied in Kish Air Co. For this purpose the data gathered through 230 officers of Kish Air Co. with a questionnaire including 24 items for studying formality, complication and concentration and 24 items for studying intentional and accidental organizational forgetting. The results has shown a meaningful negative effect of formality and concentration and a meaningful positive effect of complexity on organizational forgetting.


Organizational Structure, Organizational Forgetting, Formality, Complication, Concentration, Knowledge Management, Organizational Learning

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