Evaluation of the Current Situation of Smart Mobility in Metropolis of Mashhad

Alireza Bidkhori, Omidali Kharazmi, Mohammad Ajza Shokouhi, Baratali Khakpour


This paper studies and determines the current situation of Mashhad mobility through using the global criteria so that it can do a comparison between Mashhad and other cities which have some population similarities. The method of study is the Arthur D. Little’s survey which measured the socially smart mobility criteria upon the 84 cities all over the world.  These measures for each of the criteria have the best and the worst value based on the expressed statistics by the world cities. Accordingly, , for each city one weight score of percent has been determined.  


In the present study, the information related to the smart mobility criteria of Mashhad has first been collected and then through providing an average mathematical relationship based on the minimum and maximum recorded by the 84 global cities the weight score of Mashhad was determined equal to 45% and finally Mashhad’s score was compared. The result was that the gained score for Mashhad in comparison to global cities has a suitable position and some attractiveness upon the use of the public transportation. However, the driving method of the drivers was inappropriate, and due to that reason the statistics of the accidents resulted in death is high. On the other hand, the amount of CO2 and PM10 are much more than the standard level and threatens seriously with some dangers such different cancer types, heart crises, respiratory and nervous diseases and also environmental problems.


current situation, Smart Mobility, Weight Average, Arthur D. Little’s Criteria, Environmental Problems.

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