Presenting a Method to Test the Designed Software with a Service-Oriented Approach Using International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB)

Ibrahim Azhdaripour, Reza Javidan


Service-oriented architecture is a powerful architecture in the software engineering process that has many applications. Creating independence in operations; reusing these services increased the expansion capabilities and scalability of produced Software with service-oriented approach, and it is raised as dominant architectural design software. However, the lack of a comprehensive test structure for such a great architect was a disadvantage that caused problems in produced software with this architecture. In this research, a comprehensive plan is proposed to test the produced software with service-oriented approach using ISTQB test framework, which covers some shortcomings in this area. Removing some of unnecessary tests and adding some required tests for this method created a comprehensive framework for software testing with a service-oriented approach. By using this framework for testing GIS[1]-based software, it can be concluded that applying this test framework can have a significant impact on increasing the quality of the software and satisfying the user and customer.

[1] Geographic Information System


service-oriented architecture, ISTQB test, GIS-based software.

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