Translation in teaching and learning a foreign language: A methodological approach

Waleed Bleyhesh Al-Amri, Hussein Abdul-Raof


In this article, we deal with the long standing issue of the role of translation in language learning. Previously, it has been ruled out as, at best, inapplicable and, at worst damaging. Recent researches have tried to rebut these arguments proving how that for a language learning process, translations can prove to be quite helpful. This paper utilizes the existing researches and proposed models, however sporadic and scattered as they are, as well as the authors’ experiences in the fields of EFL and translation teaching. A language-learning-centred-translation practice is pressed for as the need for a clear description to highlight the applicability of translation in language teaching is immediate. After studying the existing work and correlating it to findings through experience, it can be concluded that translation when made recourse to in a proper language learning setting and within a well-set framework, can prove very useful.


Pedagogical Translation, Language Learning and Teaching, Grammar Translation, Direct Method, Language-learning-centred-translation.

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