Explaining the Relationship between the Role of Green Innovation on the Brand and its Impact on Organizational Performance (Case Study: Iran Khodro)

Nasrin Ghayourvatan, Gholamreza Hashemzade


Innovation means creating new and useful things and it is one of the most important concepts in the domain of entrepreneurship and strategic management that ensures companies’ survival in today’s changing world. Schumpeter, one of the outstanding economists of Austrian School and one of the oldest theoreticians in entrepreneurship domain says that innovation is the entrepreneurship process and the economic development engine. Hence, in the present research the relationship between the role of green innovation and its impact on organizational performance in Iran Khodro Company has been investigated and explained. The statistical population of this research is experts related to research domain in Iran Khodro Company, that 200 people from research statistical population were selected through simple random sampling and by using Cochran’s formula as statistical sample. This research is applied type in respect of research goal, and survey plan in this research is descriptive-analytical of correlation type. The standard questionnaires of (Zhou et al., 2009), (Huang et al., 2010), (Chiou et al., 2011), (Lin et al., 2013), (Li et al., 2010) have been aided for data collection. For data analysis the Kolmogorov-Smirnov test has been used for determining data distribution type, and the structural equation modeling approach and route analysis method, general fitness of model, and hypotheses test, software of AMOS 20 and SPSS 21 have been used as well. The research results show that green innovation has significant impact on organizational brand, organizational brand has significant impact on organizational performance, green product innovation has significant impact on green innovation, and green process innovation has significant impact on green innovation. The results also show that market demand has significant impact on green innovation and green innovation has significant impact on organizational performance. Finally, based on the obtained results some suggestions have been presented for the managers and experts of Iran Khodro Company.


Innovation, Green Innovation, Brand, Organizational Performance

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