The survey of the religious demonstrations and manifestations in the novel “Rajol Taktobho Al-Shams”

Ali Nazari, Pegah Dalvand, Pegah Dalvand, Ali Akbar Moradian, Ali Akbar Moradian


The current study has been dealt with the survey of the religious manifestations in the novel “Rajol Taktobho Al-Shams”, the objective for selecting such a topic is to figure out the author’s explicit and implicit themes and gist of information through analyzing the content of the novel and dealing briefly with the story’s religious symbols structure. The author creatively embeds the religious manifestations in the form of the dialogues between the story characters or describing the space and climate, for example concepts such as pilgrimage for visiting holy shrines, resource and resort, intercession, prayer, thankfulness genuflect and so forth are described beautifully. In the current article we get acquainted with the culture, traditions, opinions, thoughts and problems and challenges that our country’s, Iran, Arabic language speaking neighbors are faced with through the religious, social, characters and impressive and effective religious demonstrations analyses.

To do so, works related to the literature in Kuwait and the other works by Khouleh Al-Qazvini, methods of story writing, characters’ psychological, social and religious analysis and characterization were investigated based on a library-documentation method and then we attempted to extract the religious manifestations from the story “Rajol Taktobho Al-Shams” context and handled the analysis of the novel’s religious manifestations through taking advantage of the characters dialogues and conversations. The results obtained from the present research include the survey of the most important objectives pursued by the writer for writing such a literary work down via a spiritual enamel coating. From the study and the survey of the religious representations it can be understood that having a proper pattern like Her Highness Zaynab (may God bless her) can bring about progress and sublimation for a Muslim woman in every aspect of life and takes her to a good ending and also it can be concluded that selecting a good role-model should be performed from the early beginning of one’s life that is from 


novel, Khouleh Al-Qazvini, religious manifestations, Rajol TAktobho Al-Shams.

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