Impact of Promoting Whole-Class Discussions in Geometry Instruction on Students' Reasoning Ability

Gholamali Ahmady, Neda Nakhostin Ruhi


In this research, we investigate impact of teaching method in geometry instruction which promotes whole-class discussions on high school students' deductive reasoning ability. The sample of the study consisted of 53 female 10th grade students in two, experimental (26 students) and control (27 students) groups that were selected using multi-stage random method. These groups were assigned into one of two conditions: instruction based on whole-class discussion (experimental group) and traditional instruction (control group). Students in both groups were instructed the same learning topics and materials during the research period. The instruments of the research were researcher-developed pre-test and post-test reasoning ability assessment exams and its reliability was obtained. Analysis of covariance showed a significant interactive effect of method of teaching on students' reasoning abilities.


geometry problems, mathematical communication, open-ended problems, reasoning, whole-class discussion.

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