Review of Jobran Khalil Jobran's works from Romantic Features

Esmail naderi


Jobran Khalil Jobran , great immigrant writer and poet has been known with different view of his contemporary to romantic poetry, text format and reflective language of his time. This  great  poet had a wonderful impression in new Arab literature and this caused the creation of  a special  style which at that time address the entity and existence by mysticism and kind of intuition retrieved   from  its  receiver view in solution of social ,emotional and religious  situation, as he shined with his myth(alnabi) and other great works.

The aim of this article is that the romantic feature of his works and elegance lyrics  was  investigated from  different  view of critics , and  that influence is the presence of woman ,especially his mother in his romantic phenomena. This  is a propellant  and different factor  ,that we can’t neglect it ,according to the strategic important impact has had on his careers and creation of a his world style.

Social and environmental conditions  changed the route of his career. These  conditions  affected him and inevitably reflected them in his poem . If conditions are suitable, the feeling manifested and appears  and the talent shows off  in the best way


Romantic, poet, emotional, Arab literature, style, social.  

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