A Comparative Study of the Now-Rooz in the Countries of Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan

Hasan Bigonah


This study has been conducted under the subject of the comparative Study of the Now Rooz culture in the countries of Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan. The ratio of its clarification as a cultural, integrative and effective phenomenon could have a crucial role in the self-realization of the tribes and Arian nations. The necessity of integrity of these nations in today’s world, regarding the relationship between Persian Language and Now-Rooz rituals considering its historical roots in the reinforcement, security and connection between the nations is under careful quarry and analysis. That is the reason why; it has a common fortune as one of the greatest Iranian customs and a common ceremony among the lands of Iranian cultural domain including Central Asia, Afghanistan, Caucasus, and some parts of Indian subcontinent and the Kurdish language lands. The main aim of this research is to introduce the significance of the attention to Now-Rooz as a unifying variable at the national and transnational levels between Iranian alliances and the countries in the region. The rituals like Now-Rooz because of the spatial scope that is beyond the political borders can cause integrity, solidarity and the connection between the nations.  The research method of historical description is conducted using the documents and credited resources of libraries. The main question of the research is to answer the regeneration causes of the cultural, beliefs, language, rituals, and Now-Rooz related rites among the tribes dependent on it.


Ceremony, country, cultural integrity.

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