Investigating the Role of Family Training in Academic Achievement of Slow-Learner Boy Students of Elementary School in Karoon County during 2015-16

Saeed Abbaszade, Reza Zamani Ahmad Mahmoodi, Bakhshali Bagheri, Nahid Yousefi Admahmoodi


The present study aimed at investigating the role of family training in academic achievement of slow-learner boy students of elementary school. A sample consisting of 30 persons was selected by simple random sampling method and then divided into two groups: experiment group (15 students) and control group (15 students). The statistical population includes all boy students of Elementary school of Karoon County in schooling year of 2015-16.  In this study, quasi-experiment method with pretest and posttest types was used together with control group and it researcher-made test was used for collecting the information, and t-test of independent groups was used for analyzing the data. Results indicate that there is a significant relationship between academic performance of slow-learner students whose parents have passed the family training in school and those students whose parents have not received the training. Significance level was lower than 0.05 and it showed that family training plays an important role in academic achievement.



Family Training, Academic Achievement, Slow-Learner Student.  

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