The Study of the Relationship between Intellectual Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Style (Case Study: Youth and Sports Departments and Sports Delegations of Guilan Province)

Sardar Mohammadi, Mohsen Paseban


The aim of this study was to investigate the relationship between spiritual intelligence, emotional intelligence and leadership style youth and sports departments and sports delegations of Guilan. This method is descriptive correlational study. The population of this research managers and Administrative Assistant Youth and Sports and Chairman, Vice Chairman and Secretary of the Board sports are Guilan province, their number was 121. Due to the limited number the sample was considered as a whole number (N=n). Exquisite spiritual intelligence to gather information from questionnaires and colleagues (2010), Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire Bradbury (2005) Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire MLQ, bass and Olive (1997) was used. Validity was confirmed by experts and its reliability was confirmed by Cronbach’s Alpha. For data analysis, Kolomogrov-Smirnov test, Pearson correlation and regression analysis were used. The results showed that between spiritual intelligence and leadership style (p<0.05, r=0.431) and there is a significant positive relationship. As well as between leadership style and emotional intelligence (p<0.01, r=0.408) There is a significant positive relationship. Regression analysis showed that spiritual intelligence and emotional intelligence, the ability to predict their leadership style.


Spiritual Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence, Leadership Style, Managers

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