Determining the Relationship between Mental Toughness with Sporting Success in Elite Male Badminton Players in Iran

Venoos alhaki


The purpose of the present study was investigating the relationship between mental toughness and sporting success in elite male badminton players in Iran. To do this, before commencing the exercise individually and in the absence of couches, a Persian version of the Sporting Mental Toughness Questionnaire (Shirod and Golbi, 2009) was distributed among 80 elite male badminton players and filled by them. To analyze the data, the hierarchical multiple regression and Multivariate Analysis of Variance (MANOVA) were used. The obtained results showed that the models of all three phases; that is, the assurance variable in the first phase mentioned as 26.7 percent of the changes of sporting success, the combination of assurance variable and stability in the second phase revealed as 35.3 percent of the changes of sporting success, and the combination of assurance, stability, and control variables in the third phase stated as 38.3 percent of the changes of sporting success play a significant contribution in predicting the criterion variable (dependent variable) of the present study; that is, sport success in elite male badminton players. The separate examination of the regression coefficients and weight of the standard beta in predictor variables indicated that the assurance variable plays the most contribution in predicting significantly the sporting success of the elite male badminton players. Finally, the current study results showed that there is a significant difference between the factors of mental toughness among elite male badminton players. Following the Post-hoc tests for MANOVA run by a simple analysis of variance and Bonferroni adjustment to decrease the error type one, it was revealed that the mean score of men is significantly higher in all three predictor variables of assurance, stability, and control.


Mental Toughness, Sport Success, Elite Male Players, Badminton

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