Designing a Spiritual Leadership Meta Model for Iranian organizations

Sobhanallahi Mohammad Ali Mohammad Ali, Sebt, Mohammad Vahid Vahid


The Spiritual Leadership issue has received little consideration from manage­ment scholars. The purpose of this paper is to offer the Spiritual Leadership meta Model as a driver of willing to planning, self-controlling ,ready to evolution, Exchange of leader & employees, organizational justice, organizational innovation. Iranian organizations offered as an illustrative case study of is an example of how this Meta Model can be applied.

The results indicate that individuals who have a strong spiritual relationship with a higher power and are religious due to intrinsic motivation tend to be more willing to planning (in high level), more self-controlling (in middle level), ready to evolution (in middle level), Exchange of leader & employees (in high level), organizational justice (in middle level), organizationalinnovation (in middle level).



Spiritual leadership, Meta model, Religion

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