Pathology Quality Evaluation of In-service Training in Maroon Oil and Gas Producing Company, Ahvaz (One of the Oil Companies of Oil Rich Zones in Southern Iran)

Masoumeh Zhaleh Baghbadorani


Promotion of science, knowledge and accelerated changes led organizations to set education on top of their programs as it is one of the most significant factors in countries’ development. The foundation of development in countries and organizations is related to creativity and innovation of human resources. Compilation of appropriate training courses is due to maximize efficacy and productivity in the employees of every organization (1).The need to update knowledge and skills either in private, organizational or social life is an inevitable necessity for human beings (11).Nowadays, human resources education is figured as one of the main strategies for achieving human capital and positive adaptation with reform circumstances (2).The final purpose of educating employees is to have more and better productivity and efficacy. Therefore, examination and awareness of the results and output of employees’ training is necessary for the education process, and the education chain will be completed in this manner. In fact evaluation and pathology of training courses lays the ground for the managers and employees of an organization to have a clearer picture of the quantity and quality of training activities on one side. On the other side, planners and the organization’s training staff could become informed of the positive and negative aspects of the program, help the efficacy of the programs and human resources’ training activities and also, recognize their potential harms and decide about eliminating and improving them

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