Investigating the effect of social interaction and comfort on the customer satisfaction: effect of moderating customer experience

Mehrdad Tavassoli, Alireza Pour Ebrahimi, Mojtaba Maleki


In banking attention to customer and effort to satisfying his needs have great importance. The present study from purpose view is an applied and in terms of data collection, data analysis is descriptive study survey. This study examines the effect of social interaction and comfort on customer satisfaction and considering moderating effect of customer experience. The research population consisted of all customers of Parsian bank is which has accounts on these banks have benefited from their services. 384 numbers of questionnaires available due to the high volume of the sample population was distributed by simple random sampling. Comfort and social interaction are independent variables, customer satisfaction, the dependent variable and customer experience are the mediator variable. Research data were collected using standard questionnaires. This information is applied in the LISREL structural equation modeling analysis and confirmatory factor analysis according to the hypothesis, were analyzed. The results show a positive effect of customer experience on customer satisfaction, social interaction on customer satisfaction, social interaction on the customer experience, comfort on customer satisfaction and comfort on customer experience. It is hoped that the findings of this research is paving the way for future studies in order to improve banking.



comfort, social interaction, customer satisfaction, customer experience.

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