Designing study center of Guilan identificationwith contextualism approach in Rasht city

Seyedeh Sara Mirhallaj, Mehrdad Javaherian


Today, information has become a valuable socio-economic product around the world.Guilan province holds a special place, in terms of location, climate, geography, history, cultural, linguistic and political-economic and neighborliness with countries bordering the Caspian Sea. But there is not a professional centralized study space in Guilan identification field.Given that the bulk of Guilan heritage are intangible, oral and not written, we need a physical context to be able to record and archive these values, In order to maintain local values. For this purpose, Designing a study center of Guilan identification with contextualism approach can be used to eliminate physical -spatial shortages in this field. This study aims to provide architectural features of this center. Initially, the library method is used to examine the contextual and relevant theories and then a theory framework is proposed for contextualism. Next, the vernacular architecture was analyzed by existing documents and field visit. Finally architectural features of Guilan study center with contextualism approach are proposed. Based on research results a case is designed in Rasht city.


contextualism, Guilan, study center.

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