An Assessment of the Money Endowment in Islamic Basics, Iran and the world

Ruhollah Kiani, Mohammad Sadegh Tabatabaei


The endowment is one of the most superior and enduring symbols of benefaction and goodness, servicing to fellowmen, helping to society interests and adjusting social and economical affairs. A phenomenon in which the principle of cooperation is considerable and is not limited to the Islamic custom and Iranian arena and its activity arena is as expanded as all symbols and human geography. People in all countries according to their religious beliefs endow their own belongings for particular purposes and by constitution of endowments they try to improve the welfare of the target groups. But an essential difference between the basics of the endowment offices in the West and Islamic countries has covered in a way that are applying for the endowment durability , while Islamic countries seek the endowment durability in keeping the physical quality of the endowment, the West extrapolates the preservation of endowment’s economic value as well as achieving the maximum possible benefit in each form from the endowment and in this way the West pays a special attention to developing an independent identity for the endowment or tries to connect it to a permanent independent juridical identity for keeping the endowment originality and durability. So, Islamic countries experience difficulty in endowing fluid belongings like money while the west by ending embargo on such belongings applies them in the specific financial funds (endowment funds). 


Endowment, Money, Principle, Endowment fund.

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