Investigation on conceptual identifiers on the place of ethics in distance education

Zohreh Esmaeili, Azam Bakhtyari, Nematollah Salehi Najaf abadi


In recent years, higher education landscape has shifted away from traditional education to distance education due to huge demand for continuing education and responding to the needs of learners. In distance education, training in ethics enhances the quality of education as in other areas . Higher education task is  the growth and development of people in line with the production of science and technology. But there are opportunities for immoral misuse in the area of distance education that increase in non-moral issues .There would be need  to create the right conditions to avoid this situation.It was  felt the need for more ethics due to specific classes and lack of restrictions on telecommunications.There isn’t enough attention  despite the importance of this issue. The aim of the present study  is to investigate  conceptual markedness on the place of ethics in distance education.This theoretical study, with descriptive and inferential analysis approach explain the concept of  ID's moral standing in distance education. In order to respond  research questions and gather information has been  used documentary analysis method. Research papers, research-based evidence has been  taken from the archives or documents such as official statistics. The main sources were books and  valid document . Any  documents used in the study deliberately includes information and results provided by the authors and researchers  that have been discussed previously in this  area. (Sarookhani, 2008). This study has four basic questions. What are the conceptual identifiers of  moral standing in distance education? how can be done categorization and coding identifiers? What is the educational role of teachers in the face of this moral argument? Is the relationship between ethics and education in distance education traditional with morality? In this study, first  it was presented different divisions  of ethics and the concept. Then discussed the  ethics in the field of higher education and distance education and finally  presented ethics component in distance education with its category and the role of teachers in the form of the concept table.



ethics, learning, conceptual identifier.

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